We are excited to announce the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) Advance 2019 has extended an invitation for Conscious Container to present our circular economy refillable glass bottle business system to a SPC member audience.

The SPC Advance gathering will be hosted in Denver, October 7-9, 2019, with Conscious Container presenting and joining a panel entitled:  The New Rs for Sustainable Containers Systems: Returnable, Reusable and Refillable, a Panel Conversation.  

Conscious Container will join other innovators as we share and dialog how these new approaches to reducing single-use packaging waste are influencing the way companies and consumers choose impactful packaging solutions.

The 2019 SPC Advance theme this year is: New Packaging Paradigms, which is right up our alley!

Here are a few highlights of this upcoming dynamic conference.


Systemic changes are needed to transform food production and consumption to make a significant positive environmental impact. How will we eat in the future? How are the delivery mechanisms changing? How does packaging change to meet evolving sustainability considerations?

At SPC Advance 2019 we will kick-off the event by analyzing new ways of thinking about packaging design for better and more sustainable ways of living.


Hear from SPC member companies working together to advance sustainable packaging at our new Collaboration Ignite Talks.

Some of our Tuesday sessions will include:

  • The New R’s for Sustainable Containers Systems: Returnable, Reusable, and Refillable
  • How2Recycle Store Drop-Off Film Study: The Next Phase
  • What is the role of Forest Products in the Bioeconomy?
  • Biological and Chemical Recycling
  • Advancing Policy: How Do we Move from Polarizing Views to Creating a Path Forward?
  • Managing Contamination at Closed Loop Venues in Colorado, A Panel Conversation
  • Labeling in Compostable Packaging: how to curtail Look Alikes and Inform Consumers and Brands Better to Help Municipalities and Composters Be on Board?
  • Chemical Recycling and Transformation Technologies
  • Disruptors in Recovery, Collection, Circularity, and Upcycling

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) is the leading voice on sustainable packaging with a membership that encompasses the entire supply chain. The SPC has developed tools, applications, and services to help your company take meaningful action toward packaging sustainability.