Reduces single-use packaging waste and costs producers considerably less


Refillables have a 95% lower carbon footprint, use much less water, and requires significantly less energy than the production of single-use bottles!


Growing consumer participation and a unique marketing differentiator


Lower Carbon Footprint

A refillable 12oz glass bottle has a 95% lower carbon footprint than single use 12oz glass bottle. Latin America and European Carbon Footprint data from the Owens-Illinois The Complete Life Cycle Assessment Report.

Less Water

In Germany, for every 200 500ml bottles of beer delivered, the washing process for refillable 500ml bottles making 50 trips uses 82% less water than is needed for 12oz one-way bottles delivering the same amount of beverage. Based on data from Case Reopened: Reassessing Refillable Bottles by David Saphire.

Less Energy

A study of the Canada’s Ontario Liquor Board estimates that washing a ton of refillable bottles (4,000 12oz bottles) uses 92 percent less energy than is needed to manufacture a ton of glass. Based on data from Case Reopened: Reassessing Refillable Bottles by David Saphire.

Our Mission

To deliver an environmentally and economically viable refillable glass bottle system to reduce our single use packaging waste challenge while reducing producer’s packaging costs and CO2 impact.

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Photos from 100+ Global Accelerator's post ... See MoreSee Less

Two years after launching the 100+ Accelerator we have seen how our startups have skyrocketed. They are creating impact worldwide and helping us become more sustainable, innovative and transformative every day.⁣

The 21 companies that began this journey in our first cohort have raised more than 120 million dollars in investment and half of them have long term contracts with our company.⁣

Learn all about our first cohort successful and sustainable stories:⁣

🔴 Yushuo / Renewable Energy.⁣
🟢 RSU Brasil / Smart Waste.⁣
♻️ Green Mining / Reverse Logistics.⁣
♾ Molécoola | Fidelidade Ambiental / Recycling.⁣
💧Baswood / Wastewater treatment.⁣
🚚 SmartHop / Artificial Freight Dispatcher for our trucks.⁣
🍪RISE Products / Upcycling our by-products.⁣
💻 Verqor / Online courses of financial education to our farmers.⁣
🔵 The BanQu App / Transparency & traceability for the FMCGs⁣
🧼 EW Tech / Natural solutions for cleaning and disinfection processes.⁣

👉🏽 Find link in bio with all the details!⁣

#100Accelerator #SustainableInnovation #SustainableBusiness #SustainabilityMatters #RenewableEnergy #WasteManagement #WaterTreatment #ZeroWaste #Upcycling #Recycling
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Photos from 100+ Global Accelerator's post ... See MoreSee Less

Photos from 100+ Global Accelerator's post ... See MoreSee Less

Photos from 100+ Global Accelerator's post ... See MoreSee Less

Instituto de Embalagens (Packaging Institute), based in Barueri, in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, works with education and research about packaging. Its goal is to bring to the industry’s professionals updated information and to provide training based on the Institute’s belief: Better Packaging, Better World 🌏♻️!⁣

@institutodeembalagens is inviting our Circular Packaging Sustainability Director, Aline Casagrande @alinecasagrande , to their Instagram Live Session. Please, join this event September 3rd at 6:00 pm EST/ 7:00 pm Brazilian Time.⁣ 👀 This live session will be in Portuguese 🇧🇷.
👉🏽 The goal is to share content about the packaging market and its challenges.⁣

#100accelerator #packagingdesign #sustainablepackaging #circulareconomy #ecofriendlypackaging #refill #reuse #recycling ⁣
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Timeline PhotosAmbev is a company that dreams big: they are thousands of people passionate about what they do.⁣

Ambev 🇧🇷 believes that, together with society, we can transform the world into a better place to live. We encourage new attitudes: responsible consumption and the preservation of natural resources are two of our causes. They are much more than a project. It is our way of thinking and acting. Everything we do seeks respect and collaboration to achieve a sustainable attitude 💚!⁣

Ambev seeks innovative ideas to transform the dream of changing the world into reality 🚀!⁣⁣
We are excited to invite you to our next live session with Rodrigo Figueiredo de Souza @rodrigofigueiredodesouza, VP of Sustainability and Procurement @Ambev with awarded journalist, radio broadcaster and expert in environmental challenges, Paulina Chamorro @pauli_chamorro .⁣
🔄 Circular Packaging.⁣
💧 Water.⁣
🌾 Waste to Well-being.⁣
🍺 Smart Drinking.⁣

Join us on September 2nd at 10:00 AM EST / 11:00 AM Brazilian time 🇧🇷!⁣⁣ It will be our first live session in Portuguese.
#100Accelerator #cervejariaAmbev #Ambev #BrazilianStartup #AnheuserBusch #SustainabilityMatters #SustainablePackaging #WaterStewardship
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On a Zoom call with our 100+ Accelerator cohorts & team leads from around the world sharing our pilot experiences & learnings!! The support from our ABInBev teams has been amazing as we bring our sustainability innovations to market!!! @100accelerator @abinbev #refillable #sustainability #femalefounders #refillableglassbottles #transformation #benefitcorp ...

Join us as the Anheuser Busch InBev @100accelerator program interviews Conscious Container’s Founder on an Instagram Live session April 28th 12noon PT/3pm ET!!! Hear the latest on how we are working together to bring refillable glass bottles back into our US infrastructure & economy!!! Cheers... ...

Here at the UNR Women’s Entrepreneurship Symposium with moderator Doug Erwin guiding our Social Impact panel!! So proud to be a Benefit Corporation embracing a social impact vision!!! @100accelerator @edawnnevada @tahoefund @unevadareno @nevadacraftbrewers #femalefounders #IWES2020 #socialimpact #benefitcorporation #bcorp #refillableglassbottles #refillablerevolution ...

Another 40,000 beer bottles off for refilling!! This Refillable Revolution is about collaboration across all stakeholders who know this is the ‘right thing to do’. Here we go! @greatbasinbrewing @bayernbrewing @100accelerator @nevadacraftbrewers @cityofreno #femalefounders #sustainable #refillableglassbottles #innovation #herewego ...

Here we go!!! Conscious Container was selected to join the @abinbev @100accelerator program to move the needle on refillable glass bottles! Spent this past week in NYC with the impressive ABInBev 💯 team and fellow cohorts from around the globe to prepare to launch impactful sustainable biz solutions!! #sustainability #glass #refillableglassbottles #benefitcorporation #sustainabilitygoals #femalefounder #refillablerevolution #reuse #reducewaste♻️ #changemakers #entrepreneur ...

At @greatbasinbrewing . packing up another shipment of glass bottles to be picked-up by @bayernbrewing for washing and refilling! Impressive collaboration across recyclers, consumers & beverage producers making refillable glass a clear leader to reduce single use packaging!! @cityofreno @cityofsparks @ttsd_erl @nevadacraftbrewers @100accelerator #refillableglassbottles #reuse #returnable #refillablerevolution #glass #sustainable #circulareconomy #closedloop ...