Ever wonder if beer bottles could be reused?
Wonder no more.

3 months ago

Another step in our Refillable Glass Bottle process!! Big shout out to Great Basin Brewing Company for their support & belief in this circular economy!!

4 months ago

A day in the life of our circular economy refillable glass collection in California...

4 months ago
Oregon BottleDrop Debuts Refillable Bottles at Widmer Brothers Le Petit Brasseur Release Party

Our friends up at the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative are launching the first craft refillable beer bottle starting with Oregon craft brewer Widmer! Our Congrats to all involved in this ... See more

5 months ago

Find out more about our incentive based refillable glass bottle program while you pick up wonderful seeds & plants for your gardens!!!!

Who is ready for planting season?

The 11th Annual Spring Seedling Sale at the Great Basin Community Food Coop in Reno is this Saturday! So many of our farmer friends will be there to sell garden ... See more

6 months ago

Our Northern Nevada program is growing!! Keep bringing your cases of empty 12oz long neck CRAFT BEER bottles to either Great Basin Brewpub in Sparks or Reno for a $1 Great Basin coupon. These ... See more

6 months ago
Photos from Conscious Container's post

Away they go... 17,000 bottles... for washing and refilling with craft beer. 12 pallets of empty 12oz craft long neck bottles!!! Eliminate recycling and landfill environmental impacts through ... See more

6 months ago
Photos from Conscious Container's post

Returning two years later to the Craft Brewers Conference as the organizer of & speaker on a Refillable Glass Bottle panel! This innovative & sustainable topic just stepped onto the national stage ... See more

6 months ago

THANK YOU!!! Over 17,000 craft beer bottles collected & saved from landfill heading to be cleaned & refilled with craft beer!! ✅. WOW! Reduce your carbon footprint one craft beer at a time...

6 months ago

Happy Earth Day!!! Reduce Your Carbon Footprint One Craft Beer At A Time!!! Earth Day @ Squaw Valley today & Reno Idlewild Park on Sunday!!! CHEERS..


Collection Pilot


Save empty craft beer bottles


Donate to a collection partner location


Bottles are cleaned & refilled


Lower Carbon Footprint

A refillable 12oz glass bottle has a 95% lower carbon footprint than single use 12oz glass bottle. Latin America and European Carbon Footprint data from the Owens-Illinois The Complete Life Cycle Assessment Report.

Less Water

In Germany, for every 200 500ml bottles of beer delivered, the washing process for refillable 500ml bottles making 50 trips uses 82% less water than is needed for 12oz one-way bottles delivering the same amount of beverage. Based on data from Case Reopened: Reassessing Refillable Bottles by David Saphire.

Less Energy

A study of the Canada’s Ontario Liquor Board estimates that washing a ton of refillable bottles (4,000 12oz bottles) uses 92 percent less energy than is needed to manufacture a ton of glass. Based on data from Case Reopened: Reassessing Refillable Bottles by David Saphire.