A World of Reuse Cultures and Economies.


To create, deliver and scale a refillable glass bottle ecosystem to reduce the environmental impact and economic costs of single use glass bottles 


As a Benefit Corporation, and now Pending B-Corp, our purpose is to collectively shift our “single-use” linear system into a circular viable “refillable” ecosystem. We accomplish this through collaboration across packaging producers and manufactures, policymakers, municipalities, waste haulers, non-profits, and consumers creating an economically viable “benefit for all” refillable glass system.

Core Values

  • Collaboration – It’s how we accomplish mutual benefits and change
  • Trust – Continually build and honor trust with each other
  • Conscious Impact – Be mindful of the results of your actions
  • Sustainability – Part of our every day operations and design
  • Talk It Through – Take time to talk through ideas and challenges
  • Relationships – Practice and hold authentic relationships
  • Trailblazer– Open space to explore, create and educate
  • Community– How we gather, listen and move forward…