Caren McNamara

This business idea evolved out of the opportunity and inspiration glass bottles we throw in our trash or recycling bins can be reused and refilled in their original mold. My question was ‘why’ are we not reusing… it is so logical, green and purposeful. With over 20 years managing projects and change, and a Masters swimmer, I literally dove into this challenge.

Researching refillable glass industries and data, dialoging with wise business owners and entrepreneurs, and engaging with our craft beer communities it was clear – we were on our way! Growing up in a ‘reuse’ household my foundation and practices, even today, continue to fuel my passion for balance, connection and our environment.

I invite you to join me as we dive into an ecosystem of refillable glass bottles… 

Darilyn Kotzenberg

I’m a self-employed Creative Director with more than 25 years experience in the high-tech industry and 8 years focused on organic food, green build, and sustainability businesses and organizations. Living in a small house in north Lake Tahoe, I practice organic permaculture gardening, composting, and bike transportation. Living a sustainable lifestyle for several years now I’m mostly vegan, plastic free, and I have much less “stuff”. Adopting older dogs and helping them live out their lives in our mountain paradise is a passion.