Great Basin Brewing is teaming up with a non-profit aimed to get residents to recycle and reuse their glass bottles.

Conscious Container is a refillable – returnable glass bottle start-up partnering with the craft brewing industry, local businesses and local people who all believe reusing a glass bottle multiple times makes good sense, such as Great Basin Brewery., “We have have gotten so far away from the concept of us reusing something that we would normally throw away,” says Tom Young, Brew Master at Great Basin Brewing Company.

Conscious Container and Great Basin Brewing is holding ‘Beers 4 Bottles’ in hopes to encourage people to bring in their empty 12 oz. brown long neck craft bottles to be cleaned and refilled instead of heading to the landfill. “We are throwing them in the trash and in Nevada they are going into the recycling system but we can reuse them,” says Caren McNamara, founder of Conscious Container.

How it works is ‘you’ save your empty craft beer bottles in any type of box. They ask you do a simple rinse of the bottles and include only empty 12 oz. brown craft beer bottles with pry-off caps and no branding in the glass mold. Drop-off your empty bottles at a collection location or at the ‘Beers 4 Bottles’ event. Conscious Containers then picks up the boxes and sends them to a brewing company in Montana that then cleans the bottles and reuses them.

Great Basin Brewing says they don’t have a washing station for glass bottles now but they hope in the future to get one. “If we can prove the concept by doing it this way then it makes perfect sense to put a bottle washing facility here,” says Young.

Every month a ‘Beers 4 Bottles’ event will be held to help not only retrieve glass bottles but to also help another non-profit. This month’s event is to help fundraise for ‘Respectful Revolution, a non-profit that creates short video portraits of people who are taking action to help build a happier, more sustainable society. ‘Respectful Revolution’ is grateful to be given the opportunity to showcase their movies and help make the world a better place. “It is sort of an example that feels heartwarming for us to see someone who believes enough in what you do to help you and get involved with what you are doing,” says Gerard Ungerman, co-founder of ‘Respectful Revolution’.

Receive a free pint of beer for every 24 bottle case of empty 12 oz. brown long neck craft beer bottles brought to ‘Beers 4 Bottles’ events.

The next event is Friday, February 23rd, 5-9 p.m. at Great Basin Brewery, Taps & Tanks at 1155 S. Rock Blvd #490.

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