Brewers Association Forum: Online Discussion Board

February 26, 2018

Description: Our panel of craft brewers, returnable bottle innovators, and glass industry experts will take you through inspiring updates, data and the leadership craft brewing is taking in building this Returnable Bottle Market!

So what’s up with returnable glass bottles and craft brewing?
Here’s what’s up… craft brewers, innovators and a glass manufacturer are collectively creating avenues and investments towards a viable and sustainable returnable glass market here in the United States. Hear one of the oldest craft brewers, Straub Brewery from Pennsylvania, and pioneer Missoula based Bayern Brewing, share their successful and unique craft refillable bottle programs, along with sustainability leader New Belgium Brewing providing environmental impact insights. Be inspired by the progress of the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative and Conscious Container piloting real world refillable programs. And, all this molded together with glass manufacturer O-I sharing their experiences with quality driven returnable marketplaces across the world.

Join this CBC Sustainability Track Panel for a dip into the exciting future of a craft brewing industry returnables market. Bring your craft brewer curiosity, questions and input to this essential conversation and innovative panel!!!