Craft Beer Bottles are Rolling In!!

Early morning bottle drop-off at Truckee Tuesday Farmers Market


Your engagement and feedback since we have launched Conscious Container has been amazing!!!  Another a big THANK YOU to:

  • Everyone who inquired about reuse at one of our booths,
  • All of you who are collecting your craft beer bottles… and
  • All taking the action to drop-off bottles at our collection locations.
July has already provided over double the number of bottles collected in June!

June was the first month we started tracking how many bottles you have dropped-off at our collection locations and events.   Every month we will track bottles you drop-off with a goal of increasing the number of bottles month over month.  
Our focus throughout this month and into August is twofold:

  1. Continue to expand our Collection Locations throughout North Lake Tahoe/Truckee region and expand our marketing efforts to reach broader ‘reuse’ communities
    • We now have six collection locations and two weekly collection events in North Tahoe/Truckee
      • New Moon Market Truckee
      • Glenshire General Store
      • Zanders Spirits
      • Tahoe Mountain Brewery
      • The Pour House
      • Blue Coyote Bar & Grill
      • Truckee Tuesday Farmers Market –  weekly
      • Wednesday Truckee Music in the Park –  weekly
    • We expanded our social media campaign adding Instagramand Twitter accounts to connect and share the latest activities, events and ideas
  2. Prepare for a Reno/Sparks launch expanding awareness, collection locations and partnerships with communities, breweries and businesses.  We have already established three collection locations for your Reno/Sparks craft bottle bottle drop-off:  
    • Lead Dog Brewing
    • Seven Troughs Distilling
    • Imbib Custom Brews
            Keep an eye on our social media for updates on the Reno/Sparks launch….

Our ‘ASK’ continues to be keep collecting and dropping-off your empty 12oz brown long neck craft beer bottles which will be washed and refilled with craft beer.  We have been receiving many ‘other types’ of beer bottles in our California locations, which we take to our local recycling and put the 5 cents CRV towards the business.
An additional ‘ASK’ is to your workplace or establishment to consider being a Collection Location.  In particular those with larger staffing or facilities.  We feel bringing your bottles into work will be an efficient option to drop-off your bottles for reuse!

With your continued passion and engagement we can collectively bring reuse into our local marketplaces! 
Keep up to date through our social media platforms:
We want to hear from you. 
Please share your suggestion, observations and ideas so we can all create a ‘purpose driven reuse’ economy!!