How it Works

Glass Bottle Reuse Collection Pilots & Events

Conscious Container is a Refillable/Returnable Glass Bottle Marketplace start-up partnering with the Craft Brewing industry, local businesses and local people who all believe reusing a glass bottle multiple times makes good sense…  for their community, their economy, the environment and our planet!

Here is How It Works:    

We have launched ‘Proof of Concept’ glass bottle collection pilots in the Northern Nevada and North Tahoe/Truckee regions.  The steps are simple to participate:

  1. Save your empty 12oz brown long neck craft beer bottles
  2. Drop-off your craft beer bottles in boxes at one of our collection locations
  3. 12oz brown long neck craft beer bottles will be Cleaned and Refilled with craft beer


In Northern Nevada 

We are conducting an ‘incentive based’ collection pilot in Northern Nevada.  For each case (24 bottles) of empty 12oz brown long neck craft beer bottles you drop-off at either Great Basin Brewing brewpubs you will receive a $1 credit for use at either the Reno or Sparks Great Basin brewpubs locations.  These bottles will cleaned and refilled by a craft brewer.

In North Tahoe/Truckee – California 

We have collection bins set up throughout the North Tahoe/Truckee region to drop-off your empty craft beer bottles in boxes.   This is a ‘donation based’ collection pilot with empty 12oz brown long neck bottles being cleaned and refilled.  All other craft beer bottles are brought in for CA CRV redemption and recycling. 

 Beers 4 Bottles Events 

In Northern Nevada we are hosting monthly bottle collection and non-profit fundraising events to engage Northern Nevadans in saving their empty 12oz brown long neck craft beer bottles for reuse while raising money for a community non-profit.   Events are hosted in collaboration with Great Basin Brewing at their Taps & Tanks location in Reno and include a Free Pint (21 years and older) for every case of empty 12oz brown long neck craft beer bottles brought to the Beers 4 Bottles event.  

We are looking into hosting Beers 4 Bottles events in California in the near future.


Here is how the COLLECTION PILOT LIFECYCLE works:  

STEP  1 

‘You’ save your empty craft beer bottles in any type of box.  We ask you do a simple rinse of the bottles and include only empty 12oz brown craft beer bottles with pry-off caps and no branding in the glass mold.  (no Sam Adams or New Belgium Brewing bottles as example)


Drop-off your empty 12oz brown long neck craft beer bottles at a Collection Location. You can find our Collection Locations here.


Conscious Container picks-up boxes of empty craft beer bottles from Collection Locations.


Conscious Container sorts and stores cases of craft beer bottles.


Cases of empty 12oz brown 12oz long neck craft beer bottles are shipped to craft brewer Bayern Brewery for washing and refilling.


Refilled craft beer in glass bottles are enjoyed again by craft beer drinking enthusiasts!!


‘Reduce Your Carbon Footprint One Craft Beer At A Time’