What is Conscious Container?

Conscious Container is a Refillable Glass Bottle Marketplace start-up, partnering with the Craft Beer Industry. We are launching ‘Proof of Concept’ glass bottle collection pilots across Northern California and Northern Nevada to get this bottle reuse rolling.  Our goal is to collectively reduce the environmental impact of a single use glass bottle while lowering the overall cost of that glass bottle through refilling and reuse!  Join Us…

What do you mean by a “Collection Pilot”?

The first phase of this business is our ‘Proof of Concept’ Glass Bottle Collection Pilots.  We establish physical locations at business establishments and large workplaces in designated regions where conscious consumers can drop-off their craft beer bottles for reuse.  These pilots will enable us to establish, and validate, craft beer bottle collection channels to support our next phase: standing up a regional Glass Bottle Washing facility for refillables.

What is a Collection Partner?

Our ‘Collection Partners’ are literally our business partners who allow their work or business sites to be a Conscious Container collection location, where consumers can drop-off their craft beer bottles for refilling.  Collection Partners understand the win/win benefits of participating. Additional foot traffic into their business location, positive employee environmental program for workplaces, all while lowering the overall environmental impact of a single use glass bottle.

Collection Partners are essential to bringing this purpose driven reuse business to market.

How do I become a Collection Partner Location?

It’s simple. Send us an email through our Contact Us page letting us know the name and location of the potential Collection Partner site along with your contact name, email address & phone number. We will reach out to dialog about how your business or workplace can participate is this awesome refillable glass bottle marketplace!! 

Where can I drop off my boxes of empty craft beer bottles?

Check the locations map on our website. There you will find a directory of our Collection  locations, address, and business information. As we grow, our list of Collection Partner locations will expand so please check back periodically to find new locations.  Some collection locations will be local workplaces,  which we will not publish publicly at this time. Contact your HR representative to suggest and determine if your work location could be a Collection Location!!

Why are there different type of empty craft beer bottle type requirements?

Craft brewer Bayern Brewery is our customer.  Bayern purchases, washes and refills ONLY 12oz brown long neck craft beer bottles. 

For our Northern California region we accept all types of empty craft beer bottles.  The 12oz brown long neck craft bottles will be washed and refill with craft beer.  All other craft beer bottles are taken to a California redemption center for recycling and the CRV of five cents per bottle is put back into the business.

In Northern Nevada we are only accepting empty 12oz brown long neck bottles because there is no recycling redemption in the State of Nevada.

You can view more about Bayern’s refillable glass bottle program here.

Why did Conscious Container incorporate as a Benefit Corporation? What is a Benefit Corporation?

Conscious Container mindfully chose to be a ‘Benefit Corporation’ because we feel business needs to be conducted differently than in the past.  As a Benefit Corporation we can make business decision that are based on ‘benefit’ to our community, for our environment or for our employees.  This blends beautifully with our ‘triple bottom line’ business focus on people, planet and profit.