February 26, 2019Press

CITY OF RENO. Glass can have a very long lifespan if it avoids the recycling process after just one use. That’s the mission in mind for the Truckee, CA based glass reuse company, Conscious Container. In their partnership with Beyern Brewing in Missoula, MT, they have recently begun a pilot program in Northern Nevada that invites… Read More


February 26, 2018Press

Brewers Association Forum: Online Discussion Board February 26, 2018 Description: Our panel of craft brewers, returnable bottle innovators, and glass industry experts will take you through inspiring updates, data and the leadership craft brewing is taking in building this Returnable Bottle Market! So what’s up with returnable glass bottles and craft brewing? Here’s what’s up…… Read More

KTVN Channel 2 News: Beers 4 Bottles Event Coverage

February 23, 2018Press

‘Beers 4 Bottles’ Event Encourages People to Recycle Glass Bottles Posted: Feb 23, 2018 10:15 AM PSTUpdated: Feb 23, 2018 10:36 AM PST By Jaimie Hays Great Basin Brewing is teaming up with a non-profit aimed to get residents to recycle and reuse their glass bottles. Conscious Container is a refillable – returnable glass bottle start-up partnering with… Read More

“Conscious Container” looks to reuse glass bottles, KOLO News.

February 6, 2018Press

The goal behind Conscious Container is to reduce the number of glass containers that end up in landfills each year. Instead, the bottles would be washed, sterilized, and sold back to places like Great Basin Brewery at a discounted price. Instead of around $0.15 a bottle, breweries would spend between $0.05 to $0.07 a bottle.… Read More

BREWER MAGAZINE: How Bottle Sharing Programs Help Boost Sustainability

September 29, 2017Press

How Bottle Sharing Programs Help Boost Sustainability With key points like diverting glass from from landfills, helping to eliminate the energy to manufacture new bottles and lessening the demands for mining silica and sodium to make new bottles, Nevada’s Great Basin Brewing is looking for a new way to be more green. Working with Conscious Container, Great… Read More

Tahoe & Reno Earth Day Launch!!

March 18, 2017Press

Conscious Container is launching our reuse collection pilot program this weekend at two locations: Saturday April 22: Tahoe Truckee Earth Day at Squaw Valley   11am – 5pm   (Booth 4) Sunday April 23: Reno Earth Day at Idlewild Park   10am – 6pm   (Booth 54) Come on over and visit our booth to learn more… Read More