Reusables in the Age of Coronavirus

January 9, 2021Blog

On January 1, as we celebrated the start of 2020, few of us realized we were truly entering a new era. Today, many months after the pandemic began, the world as we knew it before Coronavirus has changed forever. Ideas that once seemed strange – like making your own hand sanitizer or wearing a mask… Read More

The History of Refillable Bottle Systems in the U.S.

August 26, 2020Blog

95% of BOTTLES USED TO BE RETURNED FOR REFILL. WE DID IT BEFORE, WE CAN DO IT AGAIN! Refillable bottle systems in the United States may seem like an idea from a brave new, sustainable world, but the practice is actually a blast from the past. In the 1800s, glass bottles were handmade and, therefore,… Read More

How would a refillable glass bottle system work in the U.S.?

August 5, 2020Blog

Recycle. Reduce. Reuse. It’s been a mantra of sustainability for decades, but in the United States—where recycling and reduction are often backed by large-scale programs—reuse has often been left up to individuals. Outside the U.S., however, reusable bottle programs are part of everyday life. In countries like Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Scandinavian countries, and Ecuador,… Read More

Who is Conscious Container?

July 25, 2020Blog

It all started with Caren. As an avid traveler, one of the many souvenirs she’d brought home from her trips was a passionate interest in the refillable glass systems she’d seen in other countries. If the systems could work in places like South America and Sri Lanka, why not here in the U.S.? She began… Read More

Conscious Container Joins the Ellen MacArthur Foundation CE 100

April 28, 2020Blog, Press

Conscious Container is honored and excited to be invited to join the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Economy 100 (CE100) Network starting April 28, 2020.  The CE100 Network invites companies and innovators from around the globe to gather in a pre-competitive space to create business solutions designed to accelerate our transition to a circular economy. The… Read More

Conscious Container is selected to join Anheuser Busch InBev’s 100+ Sustainability Accelerator to scale this refillable glass bottle system.

April 25, 2020Blog

In February, seventeen start-ups selected by Anheuser Busch InBev’s (AB InBev) 100+ Sustainability Accelerator gathered in New York City to kick-off the 2020 100+ Sustainability Accelerator cohort program. Conscious Container was joined by start-ups from 13 different countries selected from over 1200+ global applications, double the amount of applications compared to the 2019 inaugural cohort.… Read More

STAR 2019 Texas Glass Recycling Workshop

December 25, 2019Blog

The State of Texas Alliance for Recycling (STAR) hosted a workshop on November 13, 2019 in Austin, to dig into the current challenges, looming barriers, and potential solutions for increasing end-markets and the circulation of glass in Texas. Conscious Container was invited to present our California and Nevada refillable glass program and how a refillable… Read More

Verge 19 Accelerate Short-lists Conscious Container to Pitch

August 22, 2019Blog

From over 100 entries Conscious Container has been short-listed to pitch our Circular Economy refillable glass bottle business at the Verge 19 Conference stage in Oakland, California, in October! VERGE Accelerate is a fast-pitch competition that takes place on the main stage of VERGE 19, giving selected finalists the opportunity to pitch to a live… Read More

Conscious Container invited to speak at the Sustainable Packaging Coalition Advance Conference in Denver

August 22, 2019Blog

We are excited to announce the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) Advance 2019 has extended an invitation for Conscious Container to present our circular economy refillable glass bottle business system to a SPC member audience. The SPC Advance gathering will be hosted in Denver, October 7-9, 2019, with Conscious Container presenting and joining a panel entitled: … Read More

Conscious Container Presents at Resource Recycling Conference

August 22, 2019Blog

Every year Resource Recycling hosts the Resource Recycling Conference in New Orleans. Conscious Container has been invited to present on a panel to share innovative and insightful practices and data across sustainability, refillables, reuse, and recycling infrastructures. As Conscious Container plans for the expansion of our refillable collection and bottle washing operations, this invitation allows… Read More