About Us

darilyn caren conscious container

Conscious Container was founded by Caren McNamara because she was tired of throwing away glass bottles that could be washed and refilled instead of landfilled or recycled.

Traveling around the world Caren witnessed refillable glass systems. It was clear these reuse systems delivered a more sustainable beverage packaging solution. She also discovered these refillable glass bottle systems delivered significant reduced packaging costs and CO2 footprint for beverage producers. 

So Caren asked…

“How do we collectively ‘flip the script’ and build a refillable glass system here in the United States?”

Starting with due diligence, Caren explored why we lost our US refillable glass system and requirements to bring this system back into our US economy and infrastructure. Next, she connected with craft brewers, policymakers, non-profits, and municipalities and determined there was a strong desire for a refillable bottle solution. 

Incorporating as a Benefit Corporation Conscious Container set up proof-of-concept glass bottle collection pilots and with first team member Darilyn Kotzenberg, we created our first website. We established craft beer bottle drop-off locations, created an incentive driven drop-off program in Nevada, set-up California redemption collection partnership with a local waste hauler, and hosted a booth at many events and markets. Based on positive consumer engagement, number of  bottles collected, and amazing collaboration across industries it was clear the time for refillables is NOW.

With pilot successes, the Conscious Container team began to gather. President Bruce Stephens, former CEO of Wine Bottle Renew, brought his experience and lessons building and running a wine bottle reuse business. Kelly Northridge and Bud James brought their finance, strategy and operations experience to round out our leadership team. Darilyn continues to provide marketing and design leadership.

With multiple speaking engagements across the recycling and sustainable packaging ecosystems, Caren and the team know Conscious Container’s refillable system brings a powerful business solution to our single-use packaging waste crisis while delivering reduced packaging costs and CO2 impacts for beverage producers. And the marketing advantages are impressive.

Join us to bring “refillable revolution” glass bottle system back into our US infrastructure and economy!