How it Works

Collection Pilot

“How it Works” begins with You! Conscious Container is launching with a ‘Collection Pilot’. This pilot will allow you, the Consumer, along with local businesses and workplaces to engage in creating the front end of this reuse lifecycle.

Our ‘ask’ in this start-up period is two-fold:

  1. Collect empty 12oz long neck craft beer bottles in boxes and drop-off at one of our Collection Events or Collection Locations
  2. Talk with your employer and local businesses to become Collection Partner locations

The pilot program is quite simple. You collect craft bottles in cases and bring them into our Collection Partner locations as a donation. Collection Partner locations include local retail establishments and your places of business and work. We are starting with only a few Collection Partner locations but with your engagement and our passion this network of locations will expand quickly!

After you drop-off your donated cases of craft beer at a Collection Partner location, Conscious Container will pick-up your donated cases and send them to a craft brewery for washing and refilling. Here is how the Collection Pilot lifecycle works:

STEP  1 

‘You’ save your empty 12oz long neck craft beer bottles in any type of box.  We ask you do a simple rinse of the bottles and include only craft bottles with pry-off caps and no branding in the glass mold.  A list of craft bottles with removable labels will be posted soon!


Bring your donated cases into a Collection Partner Location. Based on their set-up, Collection Partners will direct you to where to leave your donated cases. The storage areas will vary based on Collection Partner preferences.  You can find our Collection Partner locations here.


Conscious Container ‘Driving Partners’ will pick-up donated cases from Collection Partner locations. Pick-up schedules will vary based on Collection Partner and Conscious Container agreements.


Conscious Container receives and stores donated cases at our warehouse.  Received cases will be inspected and sorted to ensure proper bottle type and quality for washing and refilling.


For the Collection Pilot, cases of empty craft beer bottles are shipped to craft brewer Bayern Brewery for washing and refilling. Bayern Brewery has an industrial bottle washer in their brewery to wash then refill bottles with quality craft beer.


Refilled craft beer bottles are shipped for sale and enjoyment by ‘You’.  And the cycle of reuse begins again!  Cheers!!!