What is Conscious Container?

We are glass bottle reuse business.  Through collaboration with local and regional businesses, government and individuals we are creating infrastructures to gather, clean and reuse glass bottles.  We are launching with a Collection Pilot in partnership with our craft brewing communities focusing on gathering and refilling craft beer bottles.

What do you mean by a “Collection Pilot”?

Our glass bottle Collection Pilot enables us to create options and solutions to ‘how’  we best collect bottles for reuse. Currently in the United States an infrastructure ‘to preserve a bottle in it’s original mold’ does not exist. And, in order to stand up a bottle washing operation we need to establish avenues for the bottles (feedstock) to be gathered for washing and reuse. Craft beer bottles collected during the pilot will be sent to a craft brewer, Bayern Brewery, who cleans and reuses craft beer bottles.

What is a Collection Partner?

A Collection Partner is a location where you can drop off your donated cases of empty craft beer bottles. These locations will range from craft breweries and distilleries to like-minded retail businesses and your workplaces. If you or your workplace are interested in becoming a Collection Partner please check our Collection Partner page for more information.

How do I become a Collection Partner Location?

It’s simple. Send us an email through our Contact Us page letting us know the name and location of the collection partner site along with your contact name, email address & phone number. We will reach out to discuss the program and your participation!!

Where can I drop off my case of empty 12oz long neck craft beer bottles?

Check the locations map on our website. There you will find a directory of our Collection Partner locations, address, and collection specifics. As we grow, our list of Collection Partner locations will expand so please check back periodically to find new locations near you. Some collection locations will be local workplaces,  which we will not publish publicly at this time. Contact your HR representative to suggest and determine if your work location could be a Conscious Container Collection Partner location.

Why is Collection Pilot only accepting 12oz long neck craft beer bottles?

For our Collection Pilot we are partnering with craft brewer Bayern Brewing who only cleans and refill 12oz long neck craft beer bottles at their brewery. Bayern will be purchasing these empty bottles from Conscious Container. You can watch a video explaining Bayern Brewing’s bottle reuse program here.

What is an ‘Eco-Pack’?

An Eco-Pack is a waxed cardboard 24 bottle case specially designed by craft brewer Bayern Brewery. This sturdy case originates from the fishing industry to withstand weather and multiple reuses. There is no top on these cases, allowing efficient loading and unloading by customers and the bottle washing operation at Bayern Brewing. We will be providing Collection Partners with Eco-Pack cases.  When you drop-off your full Eco-Pack case you can simply pick-up another Eco-Pack.