Collection Partner

The Ask

Starting in Northern Nevada and North Lake Tahoe/Truckee regions, we are asking our craft brewers, like-minded establishments and business sites to participate as Collection Partners.  Collection Partners are locations for consumers and employees to donate their cases of empty bottles. Conscious Container will pick up cases of donated empty bottles from your location on a pre-arranged schedule.

We envision benefits for our Collection Partners to be broad. First, the program will bring new and existing customers into your establishments. Second are the good will and green marketing as well as co-marketing opportunities with Conscious Container. For workplace sites employees can conveniently contribute by bringing their cases into a drop-off location at work . Conscious Container looks forward to collaborating with our Collection Partners as we pilot and expand a successful reuse program.   

The How

Essential to any reuse program is ‘where’ and ‘how’ the bottles are collected. We need to ensure the bottles are not broken and preserved in their original mold. The empty bottles will be saved by consumers in cases or other secure container. Collection Partner locations will receive the donated empty bottles in cases and store on premise. We will also explore other collection container options throughout the pilot.

Collection Partners will store donated empty bottles on premise or pre-arranged location. Conscious Container will pick up donated empty bottles from Collection Partner locations.  The pick-up schedule will vary based on collective and individual Collection Partner needs. 

Your Input

Essential to this collection pilot period is the feedback, engagement and collaboration from our Collection Partners. We have been dialoging with great response within our craft brewing communities, like-minded establishments and local business sites to participate as Collection Partners.  As we expand our network of Collection Partners your collective feedback will benefit this purpose driven reuse program.  Thank you in advance!!